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Cruel Intentions (1999)

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people say they dont like suzanne anymore because she was literally being manipulated into bad behavior by all of her weaknesses, one being her desperate need for love and respect that no one in the litch gives her

but morello is revealed to be a stalker and a harasser on top of being a racist and people are like PROTECT LORNA!!

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Rollercoaster - Bleachers

100/100 photos of sarah michelle gellar

100/100 photos of sarah michelle gellar

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So I keep seeing everyone getting super stoked about SIRENS and their lovely asexual character, so I thought I’d just add a few other things that make the show perfect

  1. One of the lady EMTs (Stats) has OCD and it isn’t treated as a joke, she is included in all the group events, and isn’t dehumanized for comedy
  2. Hank is an openly gay black man, who is wholly respected, and not biphobic like a lot of gay male characters can be. (He’s my favorite ok he’s legit a freaking angel)
  3. Johnny is your run of the mill heterosexual main character in the beginning who is obsessed with Sex but then isn’t ashamed of his need for emotional attachment in a relationship.
  4. Brian (ie The Twinkiest Twink to ever Twink) is a complete noob who has moments of ignorance, realizes his mistake, learns from them, and makes sure to do better the next time. His naivety is used to hold everyone else to higher standards.
  5. Theresa, Johnny’s ex, is a successful cop who has bisexual tendencies and a vibrant sex life, and isn’t shamed for it.
  6. The cast is balanced evenly between men and women
  7. Cash is a godfearing christian who isn’t a mockery or homophobe in anyway
  8. Even race representation
  9. Asexual EMT Lady (Voodoo) badass
  10. Great platonic relationships for all the characters, seriously, all of them

And the comedy is brilliantly written

so give SIRENS a try

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